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Conference Connect

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Conference Connect

Innovate Inclusion is committed to providing access to programs that contribute to the growth and economic stability of underrepresented entrepreneurs.

During the research phase of our State of Diversity within Ontario Incubator report, we noted one constant: the reality of exclusion within institutions and the need for community support around aspiring underrepresented tech talent and entrepreneurs.

Diversity & inclusion in tech is not an issue exclusive to the workplace. It extends into incubators, festivals, conferences, and events. A large culture shift needs to generate a feeling of belonging.

Our Program

Too often, underrepresented communities miss out on opportunities to connect simply because they can’t afford the price of admission. Conference Connect is an exclusive program that provides access to individuals who have a lot to gain from being in attendance.  Aside from providing a free ticket to address financial barriers, we have a larger goal in mind; to form a community committed to supporting each other.

How Conference Connection Works

  1. Select the conference you are interested in attending
  2. Ensure you meet the necessary qualifications
  3. Fill out the associated form

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