Innovate Inclusion Launches Equipment Assist Sponsored by Unilever

Sponsored by Unilever, this program will help more than 50 Black entrepreneurs.

Waterloo, December 21, 2020 — Innovate Inclusion, a Waterloo-based, not-for-profit that has launched Equipment Assist with the support of Unilever Canada.

Equipment Assist is a free, short-term lending program that gives historically excluded entrepreneurs access to up-to-date tools for meetings, presentations, testing, and conferences.

“This support from Unilever will make a big difference for Black entrepreneurs,” says Sarah Juma, Chair at Innovate Inclusion. “Purchasing equipment comes at a high cost; having access to the right tools gives our members the freedom to focus on the bottom-line.”

Equipment Lending Program Unilever Canada and Innovate Inclusion

With support from Unilever Canada, Innovate Inclusion offers access to various equipment, including laptops, tablets, podcasting microphones, and cameras. 

Innovate Inclusion is committed to supporting underrepresented communities by providing access to programs and services that support personal and professional growth. Equipment Assist and Conference Connect, a program that helps entrepreneurs attend critical conferences for their business growth, are two programs developed to provide equity for the Black community. 

Members who are interested in accessing equipment through the lending program can complete an application by registering online or emailing

Innovate Inclusion
Founded in 2017, Innovate Inclusion is a Canadian not-for-profit that advocates for the economic success of underrepresented entrepreneurs through diversity research, supporting access, and increasing awareness. For more information about Innovate Inclusion, please visit or email

For media inquiries, please email Sarah Juma at

Unilever Canada
Unilever Canada pledged to make a $500,000 corporate donation to organizations and charities that support Black and visible minority communities over the next three years. 

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