Access – Innovate Inclusion

Providing Access

Innovate Inclusion is committed to supporting underrepresented communities by providing access to programs and services that support personal and professional growth.

Our Current Programming

Innovate Inclusion has developed the following programs for underrepresented entrepreneurs and tech talent in Canada. We do our best to ensure that each initiative reflects and adapts to the diverse needs of those we service.

Access to programs is provided to members at no cost. Visit our entrepreneurs page to learn more about becoming a member.


Conference Connect is an exclusive program that provides access to individuals who have a lot to gain from being in attendance.



Equipment Assist is a free, short-term lending program that gives underrepresented entrepreneurs access to up-to-date tools for the use of meetings, presentations, testing, and conferences.



Micro Boost is a short-term funding program designed to bridge the gap for entrepreneurs who have been approved for reimbursement funding.


Program Coordination

Each year our Board of Directors meet to discuss the programming needs of our members. The conversation is aided by reviewing the latest research and processing member insights.

Innovate Inclusion recognizes that there are community groups making great strides through unique programming. We aim to collaborate by raising awareness of successfully implemented initiatives. Any new programs developed through Innovate Inclusion are based on existing gaps within the community.

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