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Equipment Assist

Equipment Assist

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Equipment Assist

Innovate Inclusion is committed to supporting underrepresented communities by providing access to programs and services that support personal and professional growth. Equipment Assist and Conference Connect, a program that helps entrepreneurs attend critical conferences for their business growth, are two programs developed to provide equity for the Black community.

Equipment Assist is a free, short-term lending program that gives historically excluded entrepreneurs access to up-to-date tools for meetings, presentations, testing, and conferences.

Our Program

Too often, underrepresented communities miss out on opportunities to excel simply because they don’t have the right resources.

With support from Unilever Canada, Innovate Inclusion offers access to various equipment, including laptops, tablets, podcasting microphones, and cameras.

How Equipment Assist Works

  1. Sign up to be a member of Innovate Inclusion
  2. Fill out an application for equipment assist
  3. Select the equipment you would like from our catalogue

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