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Innovate Inclusion is committed to educating our community through awareness campaigns that shed light on issues, strategies, and solutions.

Our campaigns are designed to spark curiosity, engage discussion, and encourage further exploration.

We believe that education one of several methods that can help promote a culture shift within the tech industry.

Diversity Done Right

Over the past five years diversity has emerged as a hot button topic. It comes with a unique challenge because diversity encompasses a wide range of elements including gender, race, sexual orientation, thoughts, abilities, and so on. Because of the amount of work that needs to be done to create visible waves, it can seem as if conditions are stagnant. In fact, tech has been charged with “all talk and no action” even though there are a number of companies genuinely doing their part by implementing initiatives and practices.

The purpose of Diversity Done Right is to acknowledge those who have taken steps to transform their workplaces and events. By highlighting diversity being done right, we hope to create a community that will continue to learn from one another and successfully rise to the challenge of creating inclusive spaces for everyone.

At Innovate Inclusion we believe that a company’s inclusion strategy is the key to sustaining diversity within the workplace. The idea that diversity can be done right, also suggests that diversity can be not done at all and even done wrong. It is also important to note that when we say diversity is being done right we are not suggesting that diversity is simply done and achieved, however, we choose to celebrate those small wins.

There are a number of practices that help to shift organizations into inclusive communities. Join in on the conversation as highlight corporate approaches and strive for a cultural shift.

Underestimated Campaign

At Innovate Inclusion we strive to highlight the excellence of our diverse communities; we know the importance of seeing individuals that look like you thriving in your industry. Minorities in tech are often discussed as underrepresented while the issue at hand is that they are underestimated.

The Underestimated campaign explores stories of individuals who have faced barriers because of their race and overcame that adversity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Cultivate Relationships

Promote Participation

Provide Care

Identify Future Leaders

Campaign Coordination

On a regular basis our team meets to discuss challenges affecting the community. Awareness initiatives are selected based on issues that can be best addressed via a comprehensive campaign.

The conversation is aided by reviewing parallel research in countries with similar demographics and insights from the community at large.

Innovate Inclusion recognizes that there are numerous organizations advancing the conversation through awareness campaigns. We are open to collaborating with partners who share our values.

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