Westwood Strategic – Innovate Inclusion

Helping Brands Navigate Inclusive Advertising


For decades corporations have faced the wrath of furious customers after releasing racially insensitive advertising campaigns and products. This usually results in brands pulling down the offending material and sending out the standard template apology about equity via social media.

Why is it that in 2020 we still see brands and ad agencies stumbling when it comes to appropriate messaging? Like the justice system, it has everything to do with systemic racism.

When People of Color (POC) are not at the table or not empowered to speak up, due to fear of negative repercussions, it results in organizations missing the mark. Unfortunately, these processes and systems take time to tear down and rebuild. So in addition to having a diverse team and developing efforts to create a sense of belonging for employees, organizations now have an innovative option at their fingertips. Westwood Strategic; a firm that works with brands to review consumer facing products and marketing assets from an inclusive perspective.

Westwood Strategic is a confidential service that brings true diversity to the table for organizations to use at their disposal. It’s a perceptive organization that gives brands the ability to take their equity based language and turn it into equity based action.

Racially Insensitive advertising hurts us all and contributes to the systemic oppression of POC. With Westwood Strategic, there is no reason for organizations to continue their missteps.

To innovate inclusion at your brand, check them out here.