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Innovate Inclusion aims to educate corporations, communities, and individuals through research. Research creates an opportunity for underrepresented groups to be consulted and to produce knowledge that can assist the larger tech community to be more inclusive. Although there is an abundance of research that considers tech and diversity within the American content, there continues to be a lack of research specifics to the Canadian context.


Innovate Inclusion Programs

Innovate Inclusion strives to produce credible research of the highest quality using data gathered with integrity. Participation by respondents is voluntary and their privacy and anonymity is of paramount importance.


Innovate Inclusion Programs

Research is supported by public funding, corporate partnerships, and private donations. All proposed funding is subjected to a set of standards to ensure research will remain free from bias.

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Research Coordination

Innovate Inclusion Programs

Each year our Board of Directors meet to determine the research directives for our organization. The conversation is aided by reviewing parallel research in countries with similar demographics and insights from the community at large. Our research is designed to set baselines, understand issues, evaluate trends, create strategies, and develop recommendations.

Innovate Inclusion recognizes that there are organizations advancing the conversation through their research. We strive to gain insights through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Any new research initiative conducted by Innovate Inclusion address existing gaps in our collective knowledge library.

Diversity Report

Innovate Inclusion Programs

Innovate Inclusion conducted a scan of four leading Ontario government funded Incubators. We analyzed the ethnic diversity of advisory boards, executive teams, start-up teams and mentors. Additionally, we noted diversity focused programming available at each location.

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Innovate Inclusion Programs

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Innovate Inclusion Programs