Our Purpose

Innovate Inclusion was founded in response to the lack of capacity to empower some of the most innovative thinkers. We convene with local stakeholders and community organizations who support black entrepreneurs. Innovate inclusion is committed to education and raising awareness around issues, strategies, and solutions related to underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Focus Area


We research the Canadian technology landscape to uncover best practices and develop strategies to make tech an inclusive space for all.


Innovate Inclusion is committed to supporting underrepresented communities by providing access to programs and services that support personal and professional growth.


Innovate Inclusion is committed to educating our community through awareness campaigns that shed light on issues, strategies, and solutions.

Our Story

Founder, Sarah Juma, experienced the inclusion barrier as a Black women navigating the entrepreneurial landscape while developing her first tech startup. The inadequacies enabled her to develop tools and strategies to support her advancement.

Through conversation with other underrepresented entrepreneurs, she noted similar experiences and the need to develop an accessible network and safe, inclusive spaces.

In the spring of 2017 Sarah Juma brought together a team to launch Innovate Inclusion, a not-for-profit organization that advocates for the success of underrepresented communities in technology and entrepreneurship.

Sarah Juma - Founder

Meet the Team

Sarah Juma

Founder & Chair

Rachel Nicole

Founder & Director

Aloysius Brown

Vivian Ntiri

Vivian Ntiri

Board Member
Robert Bruski

Robert Bruski

Board Member

Partner with Us

Are you an educational institution, community group, or private/public corporation interested in working together? At Innovate Inclusion we aspire to build meaningful relationships with technology focused enterprises in order to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs and tech talent.

We understand that companies are unique and require solutions that fit their needs. Our services provide your organization with insight on how best to achieve an inclusive environment. We will equip your team with tools to create an atmosphere of inclusion so that you can effectively harness the economic power diversity.