A Message From Our Founder, Sarah Juma – Innovate Inclusion

A Message From Our Founder, Sarah Juma

I have had the privilege of exploring my ideas through entrepreneurship since 2005. Valuable experiences and lessons learned have came by way of individuals from the tech community dedicating time to connect me to opportunities and supporting me through challenges.  I founded Innovate Inclusion to develop a network and facilitate a safe, inclusive space for underrepresented entrepreneurs to access the individuals and community supports that I found useful.

So it saddens me to report that a former team member is misrepresenting their current involvement with Innovate Inclusion.

If you are contracted by an individual portraying themselves as an executive director/board member/employee/consultant who does not appear in our staff list and has an email address with a url of “innovate-inc.co” or “gmail.com”, please contact us immediately at hello@innovateinc.co

As a not-for-profit, it is our duty inform and protect the community. Innovate Inclusion does not tolerate fraudulent behaviour and all matters are being dealt with to the full extent of the law.

I highly value the relationships that I have built and, on behalf of our team, we apologizes for any confusion this may cause. Innovate Inclusion looks forward to moving on and achieving our vision of making tech an inclusive space for all.

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