Our Research

Innovate Inclusion conducted a scan of four leading Ontario government funded Incubators. We analyzed the ethnic diversity of advisory boards, executive teams, start-up teams and mentors. Additionally, we noted diversity focused programming available at each location.

The objective of this report on The Current State of Diversity Within Ontario Incubators was to make recommendations designed to support the challenges that underrepresented entrepreneurs* face while launching and growing their business with a focus on technology.

*The underrepresented communities considered in this report included African Canadian, Latin Canadian, and Indigenous.


We’ve compiled key findings from the Current State of Diversity Within Ontario Incubators Report.


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Core Values

At Innovate Inclusion, our mission can be summed up by three words; Engage/Advocate/Educate.

Engage: Foster awareness around the importance of inclusive community engagement

Advocate: Advocate for the economic development and success of underrepresented communities

Educate: Educate corporations, communities and individuals by providing access to programs and services that support personal and professional growth.

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Innovate Inclusion is looking for leaders like you to join our Board of Directors. Our Board is the strategic heart of our organization, ensuring that we continually advocate for the success of underrepresented communities in technology and entrepreneurship.

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Innovate Inclusion is looking for a talented Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator to develop and launch our community engagement strategy.

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