Innovate Inclusion Statement on Racial Equity

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Innovate Inclusion was created to ensure the world of tech can be inclusive for all; but we know all too well that the need for inclusion, equality and social justice is needed throughout all facets of society.

Racism and violence committed against members in our community shouldn’t be normalized. Supporting the diverse community we share it is everyone’s responsibility.

Although many are grieving, we must do more to acknowledge the systemic injustices faced by the Black, Indigenous and People of Color in our community.

Please take some time to share your voice, and make a difference by taking action. Only with collaboration from members of our community can we take steps to make changes. Below  are a number of links to organizations and resources that can help you  advocate for the success of underrepresented communities.


Can’t protest? Donate

Below are a few organizations that could benefit from funding contributions:

  • George Flyod GoFund Me
    “This fund is established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist our family in the days to come as we continue to seek justice for George” —Philonese Floyd
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund / @mnfreedomfund
    Minnesota Freedom Fund is an organization that helps pay jail bonds for those who cannot afford to fight discriminatory and coercive jailing.
    “Every dollar of financial donations to Minnesota Freedom Fund helps us help free people.”
  • Black Visions Collective@blackvisionscollective
    Black Visions Collective is committed to a long term vision in which ALL Black lives not only matter, but are able to thrive.
    “What we know to be true in order to create this world is that oppressed people, especially Black people, need to build collective power in order to create systems transformation.” 
  • Reclaim The Block / @reclaimtheblock
    “Reclaim the Block organizes the Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety.”
  • Campaign Zero /
    “We live in a world where the police don’t kill people by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.”
  • Unicorn Riot 
    “Unicorn Riot is a non-profit media organization of artists and journalists. Our work is dedicated to exposing root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues through amplifying stories and exploring sustainable alternatives in today’s globalized world.”

We’ve also included a link to a list of extensive anti-racism resources which includes articles,  books, films, podcasts, videos, and more.

Innovate Inclusion is a  not for profit organization that advocates for the success of underrepresented communities in technology and entrepreneurship. 

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Who We Are

Innovate Inclusion, a not for profit that advocates for the success of underrepresented communities in technology and entrepreneurship.

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